Mobile Autonomous Robot
Marwan can talk, listen, see, show move, walk, guide…

Mobile Autonomous Robot Work Agents Network

Marwan can talk, listen, see, show move, walk, guide… with intelligence programmed and powered by Advance Experts in K.S.A

Customized Use Cases and Branding

Smart Receptionist

Health Compliance Agent


Remote Mobile CCTV

Video-Conf on the Spot

Custom Software Development

R&D Center Solution Specialist

Support & Maintenance

XAAS Business models including leasing options

Consulting support Use Case discovery

Operation room for robotics (ROC)


Remote controlled and operated for robot-squad missions and collaborative task-force.

  • Live Tracking

  • Interaction with Multiple Robot

  • Programmable music and dance

  • Live Video Chat with customers

Precise Navigation

USLAM Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance. Using our proprietary U-SLAM navigation technology, Marwan can adapt routes to environment changes, avoid ledges and edges to arrive at any location with precision.

  • Control your robotic fleet

  • Intelligent Recognition

  • Instantly bring a human in the loop