Pursuing the 7 stars

Advance Experts works on Smart Center designs and delivery of solutions according to the 7 Star criteria framework for International benchmarking on Customer Service Centers


Introduce the Digital Twin

Digital Twin in product lifecycle, industry and factories can be a highly expensive transformation investment. However, Digital Twin adoption for Smart Communities…


Visual Dashboards UX...

We look at Command and Control Center displays. How to decide User workflow and interactive journey, define Levels of visualization, screens, zoom (sections, panels, data-sources)…

One Stop Shop for Smart Centers

We coordinate and prime contract the different needs and partners on software, infrastructure, civil works, and operations for projects containing AV signage, applications, devices, and installations.

Benchmarking Platforms

Big Data Analytics, Smart City platforms, IOT … We help organizations on evaluating and selecting technology platforms when facing modernization and cloud migrations of services and operations.

Principles for Consulting IOC Design and Visualization

  • Define Ecosystem of user, data, venue, tools Select best practice from Benchmarking Design UX displays and visuals for Executive Dashboards as well as for Command and Control Room (size, light, color, dynamics, controls…) Identify Use Cases
  • Define Business Logic
  • Design UX and Interactions
  • Develop IOC Visuals

Digital Transformation Journey

Advance Experts consulting practice support organizations during the definition of the transition program for digital transformation journeys. From requirement definition to procurement process support (RFx documentation), we help organization to embrace the roadmap with clarity and plain language.

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Smart Center

Advance Experts consulting provides the advisory framework for the evaluation and scope of Proof of Concepts and Trials when introducing new technologies or solutions impacting operations. From the adoption of robotics, to the test of remote working, we guide on best models for less cost and best results before going on major investments.

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